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… but before you contact us, please read our dungeon rules.

Good Boys Follow the Rules

Fairness & Consent

Fairness, respect and consent are important to us. Not only for how we negotiate with each other, but also during your projects and games in the Kinkster Headquarters this is a MUST!


Up to 3 people may accompany you. Should you want to bring in more, please contact and discuss this with us. This will then mostly made possible with a host of us.

The tenant as well as all people accompanying him need to be at least 18 years old. Should there be case of doubt we will demand proof by identity documents.

General Conduct

We practice discretion with our customers, but as we already mentioned expect the same of them in return. We offer more than enough space for changing clothes here, so enter and leave our Kinkster Headquarters in normal clothing. Only stay inside the Kinkster Headquarter premises and not in front or around the house. The window will stay closed during play. Our facilities have great ventilation. The dungeon is also not a disco/club, and therefore no place for loud banging music.

Inventory & Toys

In the Headquarter you will find a great many possibilities. To keep it that way the inventory, the tech, the equipment and the toys have to be treated with the according respect and care. Parts of them are relatively costly. Should anything including the facilities themselves be damaged, the damage needs to be reported immediately. We reserve the right to charge you damages and thefts and, should the need arise, also report to the authorities.

Certain toys and apparatures only are available to experienced tenants, which we trust and have gone through an guided introduction to these.

The facilities and equipment are used on your own risk. We do not take any responsibility or liability!

Consumables & Drinks

Condoms, lube etc. are included in our pricing. More special consumables as for example cathethers are available for use and order for a small fee upfront.

In the bathroom you will find besides the hairdryer, fresh towels also shampoo, showergel and other amenities.

The bar is available to you. Drinks like cola, water, coffe and tea are included in the pricing. And for a very fair cost you can happily help yourself to beer, wine, champagne and spirits.


Smoking in the open, the parking garage or the front of the house is not allowed. We allow smoking in the lounge, as long as it’s done with restraint.


Dirt and Stench are not fetishes we are into. Of course we will clean the Headquarter before and after each use. However we do expect that you leave the Dungeon in fair condition. Should above average tidying and cleaning expenses arise for us, we reserve the right to charge you the additional expenses.


Price | Bookings & Contact


Durations of stay up to 4 hours cost CHF 490. Nightovers 20.00 – 10.00h cost CHF 980.


We do demand a down payment of 50% upon booking. This payment can be
transmitted by credit card (Don’t worry, the recipient is not visible as
anything connected to kink) or per bank transaction. These bookings are
binding. Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours before commencement
of rental period. For cancellations not in due time the full price is

Introduction for first-time customers

We like to meet first time customers on a neutral place in circle 11
before showing them our photo and film studio. If the chemistry does not
feel right, we do reserve the right to cancel the viewing appointment
and the booking without stating reasons. (Naturally, the down payment
will be returned in such case.)

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